About me

Hey! I am ADVeX and have been Managing, Staffing and Developing servers for about 2 years. In this time I have come accross many things which I have dealt with and resolved in quick time to ensure the best quality of my services.I have worked on servers with gamemodes such as: Lifesteal, Survival, Oneblock, EarthSMP, Towny and some more.

I am an open minded person who loves working with a team and gets motivated about working on projects. I can work with tight timeframes and make sure that it is of the highest quality. My strongest position is Community, Staff & Development Management, additionally configuration. I can also facilitate with Media Management however it is not my strongest suit. I am open to new projects so contact me if you are interested in working with me!

What I Do

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    Professional and High Quality Staff, Community, Event, Server & General Management.

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    Exceptional custom Configuration & Server Setups tailored to the client's preference.

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    Custom, Professional documents for your community and staff that look sleek.

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    Sales & Content

    Sales management increasing sales for the server by introducing new content and reveiwing your server's economy.




  1. AppleMC [+1000 Players]

    General Manager | Nov 2022 — Present

    • Staff, Community, Development & Event Management

    • Increasing Sales

    • Releasing new gamemodes, Overhauling the server & Reworking current servers

    • Releasing new updates & Content

    • Creating Documents and reworking staff Infrastructure

    • Crates Overhaul

  2. BumbleCraft [+300 Players]

    Development Manager | Nov 2022 — Nov 2023

    • Managing Development

    • Updating the gamemodes

    • Configuration for updates

    • Crates Overhaul

  3. PotionMC [+100 Players]

    Administrator | Oct 2022 — Nov 2022

    • Staff Management

    • Improving the economy of the server to increase revenue

    • Introducing new features to the server

  4. ZedarMC [+1000 Peak Players]

    Co-Owner | May 2022 — Nov 2022

    • Staff & Event Management

    • In-game Content Creation

    • Resetting Servers, Updating Configuration

    • Improving quality of staff team

    • Enlarging development team

  5. OrbisMC [+200 Players]

    Owner | Oct 2021 — May 2022

    • Staff & Development Management

    • Towny War server configurated many custom features

    • McMMO, Deluxemenus, Crackshot, Quality Armoury, Cmi and more Configurations

    • Community Events both discord and in-game

    • Building the server up from ground zero, creating server shop, backend development

    • Was shut down due to revenue falling

My skills

  • Management
  • Configuration
  • Server Setups
  • Documentation



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